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  • Marijana Kramaric

The Life Adventure

Some ten years ago I found myself at a cross road in my life, which gave me an opportunity to realize a life-long dream of starting my own atelier and brand.

After obtaining a degree in philosophy and Indian studies in my home city of Zagreb, I spent a few formative years in Paris.

Paris did to me what it does to so many – It showed me pure, genuine grace, showed me how to live a life intertwined with culture and beauty. It gave me a taste of fantastic cuisine, eclectic places and most amazing people, it taught me how to truly enjoy life.

From this magical city I moved to Chicago for a new adventure. New life lessons came, as I went to work for a leading fashion brand, as a retail sales manager and trainer. Three years later I was offered a general manager position in New York. But chose to decline it and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to lead a calmer life which gave me the freedom to become an independent designer and entrepreneur.

Everything that followed has been a big adventure and I never regretted it.

This idea of a female citizen finally was embodied in Citoyenne K., she enjoys freedom and equality without compromise, refuses shallow trends and seeks true beauty.

The name Citoyenne K. reflects all this and more. The aesthetics, atmosphere and stories I have collected through my journeys and experiences.That is exactly what Citoyenne K. is to me - a brand that stands for its principles and creates fashion without compromise, fashion that is about life, joy, pleasure and freedom.

It took me almost 10 years of different adventures, ups and downs with Citoyenne K. to finally get to the point of starting a shop online. Few more steps and finally it will be here!

Honestly, for a long time I was assured that the actual ability of touching and trying the objects I make was inevitable for you to fall in love completely with each piece. Now I feel the moment is right to let you create your own experience of exploring and finding treasures for your selves. I will be here for you as always with suggestions and if you want advices, as your personal stylist on demand... I still long for these special connections to be built, friendships to bloom... to meet you in person if we haven’t met yet...

We are all in search of true beauty and love aren't we? So we start with ourselves, with our magical bodies... with things we do... make... wear... or feel... we must value that.

I hope we will have as much fun here as we always have at my atelier or at private pop-ups or at design festivals. Looking forward to see you and to hear from you.


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